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manual wood cutter finger joint shaper machine MX3514B

  • Application:Finger joint shaper machine is mainly used for combing of medium and shor
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Finger joint shaper machine is mainly used for combing of medium and short wood.It is a mechanical processing equipment to improve the utilization rate of wood and the performance of wood.It is widely used in wood processing industry, especially suitable for construction company



1. The high power main motor makes the tooth opening process easier and more efficient

2.Its unique frame design structure makes the machine run more smoothly without vibration

3.Double cylinder is adopted for side pressure to ensure the process of gear opening is safer and more reliable.

4.Steel wear - resistant linear guide rail lengthens service life by 2 times, and wood processing precision is higher.

5. Machine tool bearing is manufactured by well-known enterprises in China, which ensures the accuracy and stability of machine tool operation.


1. High utilization rate of wood, saving cost.

2.The machine is of high cost performance, especially suitable for small and medium-sized production enterprises.

3. This machine is the preferred equipment for the processing and reuse of building quadrangle wood. The interface strength after adhesive is greater than that of wood itself.


Technical Parameters:

Worktable size650x540mm
Max working width400mm
Max.working height140mm
Shaper spindle diameterØ50mm
Finger cutting knife diameterØ160mm
Shaper spindle speed7000r/min
Cut off saw speed2840r/min
Cut off saw shaft diameterØ25.4mm
Cut off saw diameterØ305mm
Cut off saw power2.2kw
Shaper spindle power7.5kw
Working air pressure0.4-0.6mpa
Overall size1500×1410×1460mm
Net  weight550kgs


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