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MXB3515 Woodworking machinery Automatic finger joint shaper machine

  • Application:Automatic finger joint shaper machine is mainly used for combing of
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Automatic finger joint shaper machine is mainly used for combing of medium and short wood.It is a mechanical processing equipment to improve the utilization rate of wood and the performance of wood.It is widely used in wood processing industry, especially suitable for construction company



1. Precision bearing is adopted in this machine for convenient operation.

2. Large area workbenches can effectively process and operate more wood

3. The machine is equipped with pneumatic clamping device, which can effectively reduce the error caused by manual operation and make it safer and more efficient

4.The machine adopts automatic feeding and stop function.

5.The machine is equipped with motor overheat automatic protector and emergency stop switch to effectively protect the safety of operators.

6.Adopt imported PLC microcomputer control, simple operation, only one employee per set



1.The whole machine adopts automatic control system, which reduces human intervention and has higher efficiency

2.Equipped with dust-absorbing and dust proof system, free sawdust, long service life

3.The machine adopts an automatic system, and the accurate combing and combing wood waste little, which can save the labor cost and raw material cost for the enterprise

4.This machine has high precision, high combing efficiency and is the preferred machine for processing square wood and box board


Technical parameter:

Max working width600mm
Working thickness150mm
Shaper blade sizeΦ160xΦ50mm
Main saw blade sizeΦ255xΦ30mm
Scoring saw balde sizeΦ180xΦ19mm
Shaper spindle speed5000rpm
Main saw blade speed2840r/min
Scoring saw spindle speed2840r/min
Shaper spindle power11kw
Main saw blade power4kw
Scoring saw power0.75kwx2
Gluing power0.37kw
Gluing pump power1.5kw
Total power18.37kw
Pressure of air system0.6-0.8MPa
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)3200*1800*1460mm


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